• Chris Williams

Avoiding Separation Anxiety By Conditioning the Crate!

All you covid puppy adopters out there that are stuck at home with your puppy...I'm sure you all have done a wonderful job engaging and interacting with your new furballs which is awesome BUT have you taken the time to practice being away from them too?

Separation anxiety is a perception in dogs that is created when the dog believes they cannot exist without you around. Don't get me wrong - I want your dog to ADORE training with you and you should hang out together as much as you can...BUT if you do not proactively practice some healthy alone time, your dog can develop separation anxiety when you eventually leave them alone...Which can become a big issue for when and if you return back to your place of employment (if you ever do...who knows these days).

Regardless, it is healthy for your dog to learn they can exist without you do you do this? THE CRATE! The crate is not only a handy housebreaking is just a handy life tool in general throughout the training of your dog.

There is a proactive approach to positively conditioning the crate and slowly easing into the concept of being alone. This video is a brief snippet from our crate training video at

Key takaways for crate training : Make space fun, don't reward vocalization, make being in that space dynamic (sometimes a few mins, sometimes a few hours), make a game out of going in and out and when puppy is not in crate give them lots of attention and engagement with play and training. That way, when they are ready to rest they can calmly do it in their crate!

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