• Chris Williams

Building Value In Working With YOU

Building Value in You.

A huge emphasis on our available puppy imprinting course focuses on drills to build value and engagement in YOU the handler above all else. Once that engagement is forged - it can be applied to proper socialization practice...

So often it is thought that ‘socialization’ should be done by exposing puppies to dogs, people, situations freely allowing the dog to decide value (positive or negative)...meeting dogs, people, new situations is a wonderful thing to expose a puppy to BUT it is important to have a game plan and an awareness on where value is getting most charged. Often times the primary goal of socialization should be to encourage the puppy to ignore distractions while focusing and working with you. If a dog can first be neutral to things in their environment while working with you(dogs, people, sounds, surface, obstacles etc) then deciding to make select dogs, people, situations a positive is a breeze AND in those fun environments your dog still has a charge to listen and work with you!

For example : Some of the toughest dogs to train are litter mates that were never separated. They often spend their days playing together in the backyard. Their entire value system: having fun, overcoming obstacles, dealing with changes all revolves around each other. This can make communicating and connecting difficult for handlers - especially when the litter mate is around (not to mention the lack of confidence/separation anxiety that can occur when litter mate is not around).

Build a bond and create value in YOU the handler above all else. That relationship of trust and engagement will pay dividends as you continue to work together as a team throughout the rest of the dog’s life.

It all starts day 1 when pup comes home. Our $50 puppy training course is all online and multimedia based. It includes 20+ videos and PDFs that will set you and your pack up for long term success!

Be awesome to your dog #workyourpack