• Chris Williams

Should I Pay to Have My Dog Trained or Train Them Myself?

Proper dog training, whether professionally or DIY, is essential to your new puppy’s safety. Paying for dog training is worth it when it keeps your home, your family, and your pup safe from the rambunctious and sometimes destructive energy of a new puppy.

Obedience training also helps build a better relationship with your furry family member. When you’re not constantly frustrated by the chaos of an ill-behaved pup, paying for dog training is worth it. You’ll be able to enjoy all the sweet bonding moments that you’ve been looking forward to from the moment you brought your new puppy home.

Is Paying for Dog Training Worth It?

When deciding on a training method for your new puppy, there are two distinct options. The first is professional training, where your puppy learns obedience and good manners from an expert trainer.

The second option is the DIY method, or training your puppy yourself. This method is less expensive but takes a great deal more patience and consistency.

We’ll take a closer look at the specific pros and cons of each method. This info will help you make the best decision during the times when you’re wondering, can I train my dog myself?

Professional Training

Paying for dog training is worth it because it places the responsibility of training into the hands of an expert. Training classes often come with a guarantee that your puppy will learn a specific repertoire of tricks and behaviors that will benefit you both in the long run.

Training classes also usually come in tiers (Level One, Level Two, etc.). These tiers follow the natural progression of puppy development, so you can enroll with the confidence that your pup will be not at the same learning level as the other pups in class.

Speaking of the other pups in class, group training classes are a great way to get your new pup socialized. In training classes, there are lots of dogs of various breeds, ages, and sizes for your pup to play around with. Paying for dog training is worth it, if only for the sole purpose of socializing your new pup!

With all that being said, professional trainers can be on the pricey side. Even if you opt for group classes, the cost of professional training can be out of reach for the dog family on a budget.

DIY Training

Can I train my dog myself? DIY training is a great way to establish a strong bond between you and your new puppy. If you have the time, patience, and know-how to train your pup yourself, the quality time you spend together will do wonders for your relationship.

You’ll also be saving time and money by training your new pup yourself. When you forego the option of having your dog trained by a professional, you’re not spending the money on classes, nor are you going through the hassle of having to work around someone else’s schedule.

With the benefits of DIY training, also comes the disadvantages. As we mentioned above, training your pup yourself takes an endless amount of time, commitment, and patience. Oftentimes, new puppy owners thinking ‘I can train my dog myself’ don’t realize the huge time commitment that comes with new puppies.

Final Thoughts

No matter which training method you pick for your new puppy, rest assured it will be time well-spent. A well-trained and obedient puppy will become a happy, healthy, and balanced adult dog.