• Chris Williams

Too Much Talking?

Stop talking to your puppy so much during training The simple process for creating behaviors in dogs:

1) Establish a communication language with your young puppy. We teach markers in conjunction with luring.

2) Use said language to shape a position (Ie down or sit) and reward execution.

3) Once behavior can be easily shaped with luring begin to practice shaping behavior in a variety of environments (again still not saying verbal ‘sit’ or ‘down’ at this point)

4) Once you can consistently get behavior THEN layer verbal pattern in (ie saying the word ‘down’ or ‘sit’) before shaping that position.

5) After doing this for awhile you can eventually fade our your lure thus leaving a verbal cue ‘down’ or ‘sit’ with a neat execution of that behavior in a variety of environments.

A common mistake we see with new puppy training is to over complicate dialogue from the get go with too much talking, hand commands etc. It can dilute the meaning of the word ‘sit’ or ‘down’ before it is even clearly established in dog’s brain.

Keep dialogue simple and streamlined and your puppy will learn faster and have more fun problem solving with you!

Dive into the depths of this methodical approach to clear communication and early obedience with your new puppy with our online video course (what you see here is a sample clip). $50 gets you access to 20 vids with downloadable PDFs to guide you through new puppy ownership. Watch now, watch later, rewatch, repeat. See to enroll.

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