• Chris Williams

What Are Some Easy Tricks I Should Teach My Puppy First?

Are you looking for some easy tricks to teach your puppy? One of the best things about getting a new puppy is teaching them party tricks! A puppy has a huge brain that is craving new knowledge, so teaching them easy dog tricks for beginners is a great bonding experience for you both.

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Puppy

How to Train Your New Pup

During training sessions, use high-value treats that your pup doesn’t normally see otherwise. This way, he’ll look forward to training sessions and be excited for them to start. Think small chunks of cheese or scraps of boiled chicken.

Always remember to remain patient with your pup, and stop the session if you get frustrated. Keeping these training sessions fun for you both is how your pup will learn best.

There are lots of easy tricks to teach your puppy. Not only are the following easy dog tricks for beginners, but they act as excellent baselines to teach him more complicated tricks as he gets older.

01. Sit

Sit is one of the easiest dog tricks for beginners, and a great base to start your puppy training. Once he knows how to sit on command, he’ll learn to start sitting when he wants a bigger reward, like dinner or his favorite toy.

In order to teach sit, stand in front of your pup and calmly but firmly tell him ‘sit.’ Hold one of the high-value treats in your hand in front of your pup’s nose. Very slowly start to lift the treat up and back, towards the top of your pup’s head.

As you do this, your pup will lift his head to follow the treat, sitting down in the process. As soon as he sits, reward him with a click or a ‘yes!’ and give him one of those yummy treats.

02. Lay Down

Laying down is a logical progression from sit, and a great second skill to teach your pup. When teaching your pup to lay down, grab a treat and hold it close enough to his nose that he can smell it. Once he knows what you have in your hand, his nose should stick to it like a magnet.

Like before, ever-so-slowly start to lower your hand. Once your hand is hovering over the ground, stop. While your pup tries to get the treat you’re holding, he will inevitably lower his body to the ground to get better leverage.

When he does this, immediately mark his good behavior with a click or a ‘yes!’ In addition to the treat, give him lots of love and praise. Repeat a few times a day during short training sessions until he has it down pat.

03. Paw

Paw is one of the best easy tricks to teach your puppy. It doesn’t take long to learn and is a favorite of pups and owners alike. Start by having your pup sit down. Hold a treat in one hand. Say ‘paw,’ and with your non-treat hand gently lift one of your pup’s paws off the ground. Move it up and down the way, you would during a handshake.

Once you’ve completed the handshake, mark it as you would normally with a click or a ‘yes!’ After a few tries, your pup should start to lift his paw up himself in order to get the high-value treat you’re offering.

Final Thoughts on Easy Tricks to Teach Your Puppy

Teaching your dog easy dog tricks for beginners is a great bonding experience for both of you. When looking for easy tricks to teach your puppy, keep in mind your pup’s experience level to keep it manageable for your pup’s skill level.

When you keep it light and fun and are generous with your treats and praise, you’ll both be surprised and impressed to see how hard your pup will work to learn!