• Chris Williams

What Are Your Best Tips for Raising a Puppy

Getting a new puppy is an exciting time for a family. While you’re caught up in a whirlwind of buying toys, leashes, and cute collars, keep in mind the vast amount of work that comes along with your new little family member. Being a dog parent takes endless patience, consistency, and understanding. Here are our best tips on how to raise a puppy.

Tips for Raising a Puppy

01. Start Right Away

When you’re wondering how to raise a puppy, avoid the temptation to be lenient on training for the first few days with your new puppy. It’s easy for days to turn into weeks, and before you know it the jumping and nipping that was so cute on your eight-week-old puppy is now an undesirable habit of your adult dog.

You can still bond with your puppy while retaining a firm and consistent routine. From the start, we highly recommend introducing him to the essentials of potty training, crate training, and good citizenship training.

02. Get a Crate

Crates are a place of peace, comfort, and safety for your puppy. While this is one of the most common tips to raise a puppy, some puppy parents may hesitate to place their new baby in a cage. However, if properly crate trained, your puppy will start to see his crate as his own little den.

Crates are also great for avoiding the mayhem and destruction that often comes with puppies who can’t be watched constantly. Let your puppy come to positively associate the crate by associating the crate with treats and rewards.

03. Potty Train

When it comes to how to raise a puppy, consistency and patience are key. Potty training is no different. Your puppy wants to please you but needs your guidance to show him how.

In order to successfully potty train your puppy, keep to a schedule of eating, drinking, and trips outside. For successful trips outside, use high-value treats your puppy doesn’t see all the time, like boiled chicken or small chunks of cheese.

04. Teach Good Manners

Jumping and nipping are normal puppy behaviors that can become destructive and downright dangerous in an adult dog. This conduct requires the appropriate redirection and training in order to nip them in the bud.

When your puppy is jumping and biting, a pat on the head is reinforcing the behavior. One of the best tips to raise a puppy is that instead of rewarding him with positive attention when he’s being naughty, take that energy and redirect it towards something productive, like ‘sit’ or ‘lay down.’

05. Get Proper Exercise

When you’re learning how to raise a puppy, make sure he gets plenty of exercises and introduce him to as many new people and experiences as possible. A tired, worn-out dog is less likely to engage in inappropriate or destructive behavior.

Frequent exercise has other benefits for your new puppy— regular walks help to promote house training, and lead to increased socialization when he’s exposed to a higher number of people and dogs on your walks.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of tips to raise a puppy into a well-behaved and loving dog whose company you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Follow the above tips to raise a puppy, and remember to always act with love and patience when raising (and disciplining) your new family member.