Advanced Obedience (NePoPo® Style)

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The Language of Modern Dog Training

Michael Bellon and Bart Bellon and BCBB are the owners of the NePoPo® trademark, the teaching concept and the Know-How and intellectual property related to it. All trademarks used with permission.

Welcome to Advanced Obedience NePoPo® Style

Scope of Course

This program is designed for individuals that have a strong understanding of foundational obedience training culture looking to take their skills off leash. This course covers PROPER conditioning of electronic collars and how to condition that gear as a directional coaching language the dog is empowered to control.

  • Learn about proper e-collar use and common misconceptions.

  • Condition low level e-collar sim as a sensation the dog enjoys feeling & controlling.

  • Associate that e-collar stim INTO your existing training culture as both a gas pedal to GO and as a coaching language to correct.

  • Motivate your dog and turn your e-collar into a directional language allowing off leash freedom and harmony in training.

NePoPo® E-Collar Process

You'll learn how to follow this pyramid. Create investment in training and associate a new e-collar language as a directional coaching system the dog is empowered to control.

The 5 Commands

On or Off Leash

This course will show you how to transition the five commands off leash using an e-collar language system. Your dog should still execute the command with heart and soul until released, but now off leash!

Gear Up For Off Leash Training


You don't need anything to start watching this course and learning! However, when you are ready to start applying concepts with your dog we recommend having the following on hand:

  • What type of e-collar do we recommend?

    Any Martin System® collar and transmitter! Our favorite is the K9 transmitter with the Chameleon IIIB collar!

  • Where can I learn more about Martin System® gear?

    Visit to view all about the technology and innovative concepts. Visit their FAQ page for detailed instruction on setting up your new Martin System® gear!

  • Where can I buy Martin System® gear in the U.S.?

    We really like to order Martin System® gear here in the U.S.

  • What other gear might I need for this course?

    We assume you got the main gear (leashes, treat bag, climb etc) after watching Foundational Obedience NePoPo® Style. In addition to an e-collar, you may want a long line and a small leash tab for when you start fading the leash.


Professional Dog Trainer Chris Williams

Chris is a professional dog trainer and owner of Run Your Pack : Pet Training and Working K9s based outside Missoula, Montana. Chris has achieved advanced certifications in both pet training and working dog training from various schools and mentors. He is a certified NePoPo® Gold graduate under Bart and Michael Bellon and most recently became a NePoPo® Gold Multiplicator - running his own New Gold Schools in Montana. Chris is an active member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) and founded Montana's first PSA (Protection Sports Association) working dog club. Chris enjoys teaching all aspects of K9 work : everything from tracking and detection to protection and pet obedience. To view more information about Chris please visit his linktree here:

Professional Dog Trainer Caleaha Fugelseth

Caleaha is a professional dog trainer at Run Your Pack: Pet Training and Working K9s in Montana. Caleaha is a graduate of Tarheel Canine's Master Trainer course in North Carolina and most recently became NePoPo® Gold certified. She competes in PSA with her GSD, Boodah, and is developing her Doberman Pincer, Reuben, for tracking and detection. Fun fact: Caleaha ALSO trains her cat, Arlo, to do tricks and positions to assist with cat neutrality training for her dog clients in Montana.

Professional Dog Trainer Andrew Weidenbach

Andrew is a professional dog trainer at Run Your Pack : Pet Training and Working K9s in Montana. He graduated the Tom Rose School for Dog Trainers Program and most recently became certified NePoPo® Gold. Andrew loves pheasant hunting and competing in PSA with his GSD, Nisha. He also has a border collie, Tina Fay, who excels in tricks, shed hunting, and is currently in training to be a competition sheep herder!

Course Curriculum

    1. What Course Covers

    2. Introduction

    3. NePoPo® E-Collar Process

    4. Course Terminology

    5. The 5 Command Rules

    6. Understanding E-collars (and common misconceptions)

    7. Gear We Endorse

    1. Know Your Gear Inside/Out and Brush Your Dog!

    2. Pair Stim with Nice Feelings

    3. Trainer Session: Pair Stim with Nice Feelings

    4. Pair Stim with Mechanics (that work)

    5. Trainer Session: Pair Stim with Mechanics (that work)

    6. Pair Stim with Context of Known Behaviors

    7. Trainer Session: Pair Stim with Context of Known Behaviors

    8. Intermittent Stage

    9. Trainer Session: Intermittent Stage

    10. Fading the Leash

    11. Trainer Session: Fading the Leash

    12. Correction Stim

    13. Trainer Session: Correction Stim

    1. Leaving the Aquarium and Proofing

    2. Trainer Session: Leaving the Aquarium and Proofing


    4. Measuring Load & Challenge During Proofing

    5. Training Culture and Moving Forward

About this course

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