Chris Williams


Chris has been a K9 enthusiast and training student/instructor for over a decade. Once a reality TV producer, Chris shifted gears to turn his K9 passion into a career opening Run Your Pack - Pet Training and Working K9s in Western Montana. Chris has attended many dog training schools and seminars around the country. He is a certified NePoPo® Gold graduate and most recently became a NePoPo® Gold Multiplicator. He competes in PSA, loves deploying his tracking dog to help with military evasion training and is a forever student of dog training. Work Your Pack is a blending of his two passions, video production and dog training. If he’s not filming or brushing dog hair/dog drool off his clothes, Chris can be found with his wife wondering how their three young children are now in charge of everything…

Quality Dog Training Videos

Brought to you from a yurt in Montana

  • Entertaining Videos

    Our videos are short, punchy and to the point. Our courses are designed to be easy to navigate and apply with your own dog. Oh and we also want you to be entertained while you learn!

  • Corresponding PDFs

    Some learn best with video. Some like reading information. So we give you both! Corresponding PDFs with all courses to reiterate concepts or assist you with training progressions!

  • Skilled Instructors

    All those that teach also do. The instructors featured in our courses are all full time dog trainers that specialize in pet obedience as well as working dog disciplines.

Run Your Pack

Location : Western Montana

Run Your Pack is our in person training location. We specialize in everything from pet training to working k9s.

Dirty Bandana Working Dogs

Location : Western Montana

DBWDs is our dedicated working dog club. Teams regularly training for PSA competitions and Law Enforcement.

NePoPo® Training

Location : Missouri

NePoPo® is a landmark training system that was developed by Michael and Bart Bellon. The NePoPo® system gives dogs the idea that they can influence their environment. By using it, we train them to be enterprising, innovative, and passionate partners. They carry out their tasks with heart and soul!

Miller Ranch K9

Location : Alberta

MRK9 is recognized as a top producer of high quality puppies and trained dogs that are excelling in a variety of applications including police/military, service and special needs, detection, tracking, family protection and more.

Rex Specs

Located : Wyoming

Producer of quality protective dog gear.

Chewy Pawz

Antlers For Training (or for treats)

A Wyoming based brand providing single ingredient, ethically sourced chews and treats for pets. All products are free of additives, preservatives, fillers, salts, and coloring.

Meraki K9

Location : Michigan

Meraki K9 is owned and operated by Alexa Walsh. She specializes in pet training, working dog training and service dogs.

Shoreline K9

Location : Alabama

Shoreline K9 is owned and operated by Amy Crocker. Amy specializes in pet training and working dog training.

Canton Retrievers

Location : Western Montana

Canton Retrievers specializes in all aspects gun dog training. Both for waterfowl and upland as well as shed hunting.

Lepinski K9

Location : North Carolina

Lepinski K9 is owned and operated by Ben Lepinski. Ben specializes in all aspects of working dog training primarily bite work/decoy development for protection sports and Law Enforcement

Grizzly Goldens

Location : Western Montana

Producing quality golden retreiver bloodlines for over 20 years.

Montana Mountain Elkhounds

Location : Western Montana

Producer of quality Elkhounds and Keeshonds.

American K9 Dynamics

Location : Jefferson, OH

American K9 Dynamics' goal is to make the world a better place for dogs by empowering their owners through science based balanced dog training.