Chris Williams

Founder/Executive Producer

Chris has been a K9 enthusiast and training student/instructor for over a decade. Once a reality TV producer, Chris shifted gears to turn his K9 passion into a career. He opened Run Your Pack - Pet Training and Working K9s in Western Montana. Work Your Pack started in 2019 as a means of blending his two passions, video production and dog training. If he’s not filming or brushing dog hair/dog drool off his clothes, Chris can be found with his wife wondering how their two young children are now in charge of everything…

Chris Richardson

Supervising Producer/Eye Candy

Chris “Richie” Richardson was a Director of Photography for 20 years before starting his company Warm Springs Productions. When he’s not acting as super-duper important president of WSP he is busy being raised by three English Retrievers, three teenagers and a wife. ​

Alex Downey


Alex is the author of the poetry collections Word Pie and Brainstorm, the producer & editor of critically acclaimed documentary Skips Stones for Fudge, and an emcee in the hip-hop collective Lunchmeats. A passionate storyteller from a young age, Alex's mother allowed him to watch R-rated movies, and his father washed his mouth out with soap… He turned out fine.