Chris Williams

Founder/Executive Producer

Chris has been a K9 enthusiast and student/instructor for over a decade. Once a reality tv producer, Chris shifted gears to turn his K9 passion into a career starting 'Run Your Pack Pet Training and Working K9s' in Western Montana. He started 'Work Your Pack' in 2019 as a means of blending his two passions of video production and dog training. When not running cameras or brushing dog hair and drool off his clothes Chris can be found with his wife wondering how their two young children are now in charge of everything...

Supervising Producer/Eye Candy

Chris was a director of Photography for 20 years before starting his own company 'Warm Springs Productions' in Missoula, Montana (look them up they produce lots of amazing tv shows...) When not being super important as president of that company he is busy being raised by three teenagers, three English retrievers and a Wife. ​

Alex Downey


Alex would call himself a jackass of all trades. He's the author of the fantastic kids' books 'Word Pie' and 'Brainstorm'. He was producer & editor of the critically acclaimed documentary 'Skips Stones for Fudge'.He's Emcee in the hip-hop collective Lunchmeats A passionate storyteller from a young age, Alex's mother allowed him to watch R - rated movies and his father Washed his mouth out with soap...He turned out fine.