Foundational Obedience (NePoPo® Style)

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Foundational Obedience Trailer

Scope of Course

This program is designed for individuals driven to take a deep dive into canine psychology and language systems. Proper dog training requires conditioning of behaviors and gear so that the dog becomes an invested student in the process of long term learning.

  • Learn about canine psychology. Understand the "WHY" of dog training before diving into the "HOW"

  • Condition learning languages. Tap into motivation and draw out an invested student in your dog.

  • Learn how to properly condition and use training gear. Your dog should LOVE wearing and controlling their training equiptment.

  • Understand training culture : What is your roll as a handler and how can you make training dynamic, practical, and fun for both you and your dog.

Building Commands

You'll learn how to follow this pyramid. Create investment in training, build behaviors and condition certain behaviors into commands. This course will focus on five primary commands (see below).

The 5 Commands

This course will show you how to develop five commands that can be used to channel your dog in dynamic environments. Each position has structure and rules implied. The dog should execute the command with heart and soul until released. See the video below of the five commands.

The 5 Commands

Primary positions needed for navigating this modern world with your dog.


You don't need anything to start watching this course and learning! However, when you are ready to start applying concepts with your dog we recommend having the following on hand:

  • FOOD

    High value food rewards. We strongly suggest using your dog's food for training. Too many dogs are overweight, have constant access to food, or are on bland uninteresting diets. Consider these factors if you want your dog's food drive to increase. Find a quality food, ditch the bowl on the floor, measure out a proper amount of food for the day, and have them hunt for it while training with you!


    A pet cot or platform of some kind will be needed for when you start teaching the "climb" behavior and command. Kuranda, Coolaroo, or 4 Legs 4 Pets are all great companies that make these platforms. Really, your "climb" command can be on anything - ideally you just want something with a defined edge (as opposed to a blanket or dog bed).


    Use a simple leash that feels good in the hands. 5' to 6' leather or biothane leashes are popular choices with our students! Leash management is a skill to develop in time as you learn the art of training! Oh, and avoid having a bunch of "flair" on your leash : poop bag holders, rings, carabiners, knots, etc. The leash should be a streamlined communication device...not a loaded down pair of cargo shorts.


    Find a training collar that is neutral or novel to the dog so the conditioning process goes smoothly. If your dog has a history of pulling or tugging on a particular piece of gear it would be wise to change it up. We strongly recommend a Herm Sprenger prong collar (3mm fits most medium to large breeds. 2.25mm for small dogs). There are MANY misconceptions about prong collars and how to use them. Please watch the "Gear" and "The Leash Language" videos below for further clarification. If you need to order gear checkout and/or (WYP doesn't receive compensation for recommending these sites - we just like ordering from them).


Course Sample Video


Course Sample Video


Professional Dog Trainer Chris Williams

Chris is a professional dog trainer and owner of Run Your Pack : Pet Training and Working K9s based outside Missoula, Montana. Chris has achieved advanced certifications in both pet training and working dog training from various schools and mentors. He is a certified NePoPo® Gold graduate under Bart and Michael Bellon and most recently became a NePoPo® Gold Multiplicator - running his own New Gold Schools in Montana. Chris is an active member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) and founded Montana's first PSA (Protection Sports Association) working dog club. Chris enjoys teaching all aspects of K9 work : everything from tracking and detection to protection and pet obedience. To view more information about Chris please visit his linktree here:

Professional Dog Trainer Caleaha Fugelseth

Caleaha is a professional dog trainer at Run Your Pack: Pet Training and Working K9s in Montana. Caleaha is a graduate of Tarheel Canine's Master Trainer course in North Carolina and is a passionate student of all things dog. She competes in PSA with her GSD, Boodah, and is developing her Doberman Pincer, Reuben, for tracking and detection. Fun fact: Caleaha ALSO trains her cat, Arlo, to do tricks and positions to assist with cat neutrality training for her dog clients in Montana.

Professional Dog Trainer Andrew Weidenbach

Andrew is a professional dog trainer at Run Your Pack : Pet Training and Working K9s in Montana. A graduate of Tom Rose Dog Trainer School, Andrew loves pheasant hunting and competing in PSA with his GSD, Nisha. He also has a border collie, Tina Fay, who excels in tricks, shed hunting, and is currently in training to be a competition sheep herder!

Course Curriculum

    1. Intro to Part 1


    3. Why Dogs Do What They Do

    4. How Dogs Process Information

    5. Markers

    6. The Leash Language

    7. Gear

    8. Behaviors & Commands


    1. Part 2 Intro

    2. Charging Terminal Marker

    3. Charging Terminal Marker Trainer Session

    4. Charging Continuation Markers

    5. Charging Continuation Markers Trainer Session

    6. Luring

    7. Luring Trainer Session

    8. Building Behaviors

    9. Building Behaviors Trainer Session

    10. Naming Behaviors

    11. Naming Behaviors Trainer Session


    13. Charging Activation Pressure

    14. Charging Activation Pressure Trainer Session

    15. Layering Pressure Into Behaviors

    16. Layering Pressure Into Behaviors Trainer Session

    17. Intermittent Stage

    18. Intermittent Stage Trainer Session

    19. Behavior Becomes Command

    20. Behavior Becomes Command Trainer Session


    1. Proofing Commands



    4. Proofing Climb Trainer Session

    5. Proofing Sit and Down Trainer Session

    6. Proofing Structured Walk Trainer Session

    7. Proofing Come Command Trainer Session

    8. Leaving the Aquarium

    9. Leaving the Aquarium Trainer Session


    11. Training Culture

    1. Live Coaching

    2. Submit Homework Video #1 (before live online coaching)

    3. Submit Homework Video #2 (after your first live online coaching lesson)

    4. Submit Homework Video #3 (after your second live online coaching lesson)

    5. Submit Homework Video #4 (after your third live online coaching lesson)

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