Shed Hunt Program

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Professional Dog Trainer

Nick Shiele

Nick owns and operates Canton Retrievers, a family operated kennel in southwest Montana. Canton Retrievers specializes in shed dog training as well as upland and waterfowl gun dog training. To view more information about Nick please visit his training page
Watch Intro Video

Course Sample Video

Welcome to Shed Hunting

Shed Hunting

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Shed Hunting

    • Getting Started/Gear Needed

    • Drill Progression Overview Flow Chart

  • 2

    Building the Hunt

    • Building the Game

    • Naming the Game

    • Creating the Exchange

    • Scaling Eyesight to Nose

    • How Odor Moves

    • Testing the Cue and Generalizing

  • 3

    Proofing the Hunt

    • Changing Shed Frequency

    • Proofing Hunt Variables

    • Proofing Ideas

  • 4

    Time to Hunt (For Real)

    • Planning the Hunt

    • Planning the Hunt

    • Things to Keep in Mind Moving Forward

    • Key Reminders as You Head Out In the Field